Monday, January 20, 2014

On The Fence

I hate being on the fence. The back and forth in your mind weighing pros and cons. Drives me nuts. I like having a goal and working towards it. Right now I feel like Cal Naughton(Mike Honcho) in Talledega Nights, "I got a Pretzel in my head".

See, I can't decide if I should race Suffer Cross, err, I mean Southern Cross the end of February. You see, it's no small potato. Oh no sir, 50 miles and 6700 feet of climbing. It would be a great way to prepare for the rest of the season, though I might not be ready for that kind of abuse yet. That's a shit ton of climbing.

As you can see it doesn't entice you gently. That first climb is darn near vertical. Yeah, it's billy goat steep. Guess that is why they call it "The Wall".

I bet your saying:

stop acting like Tom Brady after a loss and just sign up you pansy.

Yeah, I here you talking big from your warm chair in front of your computer with your legs up. It's just a wee bit different when it's 34 degrees, raining, and your staring down the elevation profile taped to your top tube wondering why the fock did I sign up for this? The other side of the coin is that this would be a great start to getting me ready for the rest of the year. The more of these long events I do, the better I get at them. Since I'm putting a bunch on the schedule this year, that may be a good thing.

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