Friday, January 10, 2014

Here comes the Circus

The race season is here!! Two more days to the start of the 2014 race season! This year is gonna be a good one. Lots of changes from last year and hopefully a lot more racing. I'm now working at BikeSource in Charlotte. Great shop with a huge selection. If you need it, we probably have it. Everyone there rides, and rides a lot. Some at a really high level. This is great to keep me motivated and putting time in on the bike to do well in races. The energy of others racing and riding a lot, somehow it just rubs off on you. Another big change is Slippery Sasquatch race team. Check them out HERE. We are putting together a nice group of riders who also race. Four members on the team already and the sponsors are getting lined up as I type this. 

So the year starts off with Winter Short Track, which is a 5 race series. My son Brock even races it, and believe me, this kid cleans up. Not so much on the track, but look at the little guy - finds himself a girlie friend in like five minutes. Hell, this year he is probably gonna have groupies!!

Brock and Mia 2013 Short Track

As for me, I'm jumping in with the Single Speed crowd. I raced the first race last season on the SS and finished 21 out of 32. Not great, but I was sick so I swallowed it and moved on. Hoping I can crack the top 10 this Sunday. I'm in better shape then last year so we will see. Speaking of the SS, my plan is to spend a lot of time on it this year. If things go right, I'm going to focus on the longer mountain bike races. 6 Hours of Warrior Creek, Big Frog 65 miler, Tree Shaker 8 Hour, Iron Mountain 100K, Grind on the Greenway, and Wilkes 100K all on one gear. Yeah, I know, I can feel the leg cramps already as well……..

It's gonna be a season of figuring it out - through failing probably more so then succeeding unfortunately. In between all those long sufferfests I'll drop in on some XC races, maybe do some Gravel Grinders on the CX bike, and run the gnar in my kayak. 

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