Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's that time of year

Fall has finally arrived and for me it signals the start of trail riding season! Yeah, I ride my bike all year long, but when fall gets here there is just something about it.

What about it? I'm not sure, but it triggers the desire in me to ride for fun. Just go out and do fun trail rides until I'm jelly legged. Go to hot into turns and drift the rear wheel through the leaves. Session a jump line. Maybe even build some new features behind the house? During the winter I'm usually putting in lots of miles getting ready for endurance and cross country races. On top of that I try and get some time out on the snowboard. Spring and summer bring races, high intensity training, lots of whitewater kayaking, and eventually burnout on training at some point. That's what is great about the fall. It's like a renewal for riding. I don't really need to "train". As long as I'm out riding it's all good. The weather is perfect, the trails turn into hero dirt, and I'm stoked on mountain biking all over again. I usually get up into the mountains more this time of year then any other. Which reminds me, there is a new spot in Boone, NC called Rocky Knob mountain bike park. Rocks, jumps, drops, and steep mountains. What else you want? Hitting it soon for sure.

Fall is also the time of year when the new goodies start finding there way into my garage. What kind of goodies you ask? Next year goodies that are releasing early. It's good to be in the bike industry! First up this year is a perfect bike for Fall riding. Why? Because it puts the "T" in trail riding. I'll give you a hint, it has something to do with a beer can......give up? Ok, here is a pic

Photo taken from MTBR.COM

That's right a 2013 Santa Cruz Tallboy is on the way. What made me make such a decision your asking? All you have to do is ride one and it sells itself. Super playful bike that is very snappy in the corners. I have never cornered a 29er like this bike. I'd say it corners better then a lot of 26 inch wheeled bikes. Looking forward to destroying some NC singletrack on this bad boy!