Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Some Quality time in my favorite forest

I was lucky enough to get to test out the new Trek Remedy 9.9 this week in my favorite forest, Pisgah. For those not familiar with Pisgah; it's a 490,000 acre forest spread over 12 counties in western North Carolina with mile high peaks, cascading waterfalls, , and most importantly it has over 275 miles of some of the most remote and rugged hiking and biking trails on the east coast. The picture to the left is actually a fairly easy trail by Pisgah standards. To ride Pisgah, you drive out into the woods pretty deep and then ride your bike really deep into the forest. It's common to ride for 3-4 hours or more to complete a ride. I can't even describe in words how good it is for my soul to be out there. I have always loved being in the woods. Especially when there is no civilization for 20 miles in any direction. It's really refreshing when you stop at the top of a climb (that you may have been climbing for an hour or more) and listen to the noise. What is the noise I hear? Absolutely nothing. Not a sound, unless the wind is blowing the leaves in the trees. Then you are rewarded with some of the best descents you are ever likely to ride on a bike.

My new Trek Remedy is the perfect weapon for riding in Pisgah. It's light enough (24 lbs. 14 ozs.) for the climb and built to take the abuse of steep, technical descents. It handled it's business. If you haven't ridden Pisgah, plan on it soon. Just be ready, because afterwards all your going to think about is how and when you can go again!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

6 Hours of Warrior Creek

I'm so excited to race again that I stayed up until 12:01am the other night just to make sure I got a spot in the 6 hours of warrior creek race. Some of you are asking, "why would he do such a thing"? Well, that's when registration opened up, and it sold out in 10 hours. The race isn't for six months, but that's how popular it is. As you can see from the picture to the left, they have some sweet singletrack - I dare say some of the best around. What is my prize for such devotion you ask? I get to race, uummm I mean suffer, for 6 hours on my bike in the woods. Stop shaking your head, it's not for everybody. Why is it I do such a thing? Do I like to suffer? Maybe. Do I like the sweet taste of victory? Sure, but if i end up on the podium somebody slap me because I may be dreaming. Do I love riding singletrack? definetly. Do I enjoy training for a race like this and seeing how far I can push myself? No doubt about it. I'll check back here with occassional updates between my 5 hour long bike rides as the training progresses over the winter.