Monday, November 1, 2010

On the Trek wagon again for 2011...Superfly 100 WOW!!!

Thanks again to Trek Bicycles - riding on the team again this coming year and on a new steed thanks to the Gary Fisher/Trek merger that is now officially complete. Now the Fisher bikes are all Treks, labled as the "Gary Fisher Collection". This move makes sense as a company from a marketing and distribution standpoint and should help us all get more for the money.
I have ridden a 29er before, a Superfly as a matter of fact. Never had a full squish 29er though. Now that I have some time on it and a late season race on it, all i can say is wow!! Gary knew what he was doing. This bike hits technical sections and downhills like my downhill race bike. It is unbeliveable. Pedals really well and once you get the wheels moving it just keeps pulling you. I'm really happy with the offset fork - bike turns great. Even at high speeds it turns better then any bike I have had - lots of grip thanks to more of a contact patch due to the bigger wheel, more rubber on the ground. The only difference I notice versus my 26 inch bike is that some turns require more preperation coming into them, but I'll take it for how great the bike sticks. I find myself pushing the limits hard in corners on this bike. Bottom line is that not only is it a fast race machine, but it is tons of fun to ride and isn't that what it is all about??? Hell Yeah!!